Shooting Stars (and other things)

Today I'm off to Peebles in the Scottish borders to meet up with two fellow photographers. The aim of the visit is to get some insight into shooting Aurora with a film camera. My Norway trip is fast approaching and I've decided I want to shoot the Aurora (if I get to see it) with film.

From reading several web sites, it seems that a fast lens and fast film speed is required. Something along the lines of 400 ISO and an f2 lens. I'm hoping to take my newly acquired Hasselblad 500CM (thanks Lynda for selling it to me!) with 50,80 and 120 lenses to Norway with me.

I just feel that I need to shake things up a bit and I've been curious as to how I would approach shooting in square. The Lofoten islands are stunningly beautiful at this time of year so even if the Aurora doesn't appear, I'm sure I'll still have plenty to make photographs of.

If you have any experience of shooting the Aurora using film, I'd of course love to hear from you.