I was born in 1967 to Scottish parents. I live in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I've always been drawn to the arts: drawing and painting as a kid, music composition as a teenager and photography as an adult.

I've been very lucky to have some inspirational people around me during my formative years. I owe a terrific debt to my two music teachers from my time at high school for allowing me the freedom to explore my creative side.

As I've grown older, I've found that I'm much more attracted to the wilderness and the people that live on the edges of it. Photography is a great way of getting closer to the land and the cultures that inhabit it.

Published Monographs 

Altiplano Monograph
Preface by Paul Wakefield
108 pages, 30cm x 30cm
Half-Light Press © 2018

Colourchrome Exhibition Monograph
90 pages, 25.4cm x 25.4cm
Half-Light Press © 2017

Iceland, A Journal of Nocturnes
Preface by Ragnar Axelsson
Cloth, slipcase, 64 pages, 30cm x 28cm, hardback
Half-Light Press © 2012

The Art of Adventure, 40 Photographic Examples
Preface by Michael Kenna
Cloth, 88 pages, 32cm x 30cm, hardback
Half-Light Press © 2011

Articles & Events

Outdoor Photography, February 2019
Exhibition, Personal Exposures, Edinburgh, July 2017
Outdoor Photography, 2017
Speaker, On-Landscape Conference 2016
Black & White Photography, 2015
Outdoor Photography, 2014
Photograph with David Duchemin, 2012
Lenswork with Brooks Jensen, 2012
Outdoor Photography, 2011
Outdoor Photography, 2011
Outdoor Photography, 2010
Amateur Photographer, 2010
TimeOut, London Issue, 2009
Scotland Outdoors, 2009
American Photo, Patagonia, 2007
American Express Departures, 2007
National Geographic Traveler, 2007
Outdoor Photography, 2006
Outdoor Photography, Iceland, 2005