Beyond Words Book Shop

You may have noticed that i've put up a little banner for Beyond Words book store on this blog. There are not many good photographic book stores left, due to the onslaught of stack em high, sell them low operations such as Amazon and I feel that we're losing out on specialist book stores that offer us the chance to find out about books that we wouldn't ordinarily learn about.

I think it's important to support or endorse things that I believe in. So in an effort to do that, I've added the little banner onto this very blog to help encourage you all to go look, see if theres anything of interest in the shop and maybe even subscribe to Neil's news letter for upcoming publications.

Just so you know - I'm doing this out of an interest in keeping a good book store alive and by helping you guys learn more about other photographers too. I should stress that I am not making any money from this arrangement - it's just here for your benefit.

I should let you all know that I want to start to review books in future, time permitting of course. I'm going to start by plundering my existing collection but vie also just bought a small fortunes worth of books from Neil so I hope to review these as well, once I've got hold of them.

Learning about other artists and being able to disappear into the world of someone elses photographs can only be a good thing. I hope you will enjoy my reviews as and when they happen.