The Art of Photograpy

Welcome to my blog. I've decided it was time to air my thoughts on Photography. In particular, I'm a bit tired of gear-head web sites as it seems to me that everyone is so hung up on gear, gear, gear and nobody is interested in discussing the making of an image, or the more emotional aspects of taking pictures.

So with my blog, I aim to attempt to give a running commentary on my experiences, the highs and lows of being out there in National Parks, landscapes, anywhere that there is a potential picture to be made.


Selfoss waterfall, North East Iceland. Shot at dawn whilst the sun was burning off the fog that had settled during the night.

I'll of course discuss some of the gear involved, but I'd much rather tell you about what my senses picked up and what inspired me. Or how difficult it was to achieve the shots I was after.

Photography is an emotional art, it's about getting out there, letting your senses become heightened through the act of photography, and seeing the world with an acute sense of vision.