Aurora, Norway 2011

I'm very excited tonight because I'm in the process of finalising some plans I have to visit the Lofoten islands, Norway in March 2011. I visited the Lofoten in 2007 in the height of summer and ever since, I've wanted to return to shoot it in the depths of winter.

I'll be going with one of the members of this very blog. Vlad has kindly allowed me to use one of his images to illustrate the Aurora. I'm hoping to finally experience it for myself as it's perhaps the only wilderness wonder I feel that has eluded me so far.

This photo was taken during a 2-months solo trek in south Greenland, Vlad spent 7 weeks in the wild (with extended times of solitude of up to three weeks). Vladimir has some more Aurora shots from Lofoten on his website and many more from Greenland will be online next month at