Realm of Vanishing Cultures

As a continuation of my post yesterday about Louis Hebert's project in Nepal, I couldn't help reach into my book shelf and find my copy of Wade Davis' 'Light at the Edge of the World' book. Those of you who know my photography well know that my interests are split between landscape photography and portrait photography of indigenous cultures (I'm just back from Ethiopia for instance where I've just made some photographs of Muskal, a celebration of the Lalibela cross). So sometimes this blog diverts from purely landscape photography to my other interest - that of other cultures.

I bought this book by Wade many years ago, and not only did I find the photographs of the people in it really inspiring, but I also found the text unbelievable. Davis is an Anthropologist and through his work, he has experienced so much. Voodoo in Haiti where people are transformed into a state of zombification, Shaman's of the Amazon, I could go on. It's really interesting stuff and it made me realise just how much there is still unknown out there.

I found this interesting talk by Davis on the TED forum. It's rather rushed, but he does get to the point of what he's about and the photographs are really inspiring. It's making me think about going back to Peru next year - it's been on my list to go back to the Andes and spend some concentrated time there making pictures of the highlanders.

I hope you enjoy Davis' talk and do consider getting his book - it's quite a little journey into another world, not far away from our own.