New eBook work in progress

I'm busy writing a new eBook about understanding light and using Stephen Trainors fabulous application 'The Photographer's Ephemeris' to plan a photographic shoot.

I have to confess that it's taken me a while to get the ball rolling on this one. It's quite a task to try and explain just what the differences are between civil, nautical and astronomical twilights are for instance (and whether you should care to know!), but I feel that with some concrete examples of images from my portfolio to back up the maps and sunrise and sunset times that TPE illustrates so well, you should have something to help you get more prepared in future for landscape shoots the next time you head off on a plane to some new, unknown, destination.

I'll keep you posted about how the eBook is progressing, but I feel it will take some time to work on it.

In the mean time, why not download a free copy of the Photographer's Ephemeris, or better still, get the iPhone application from Stephens web site.