Eriskay & Contax 645

Last night I hit a stride whilst on the Barra's main beach. I went out with the Contax 645 this time. I've got a good selection of lenses for it - 45, 80, 140 and 210. It needless to say, weighs a small load, but it was really interesting to start using it as a landscape camera. I've taped the ground glass in the view finder so I now have a 4x5 aspect ratio, as I find this the most pleasing for composition. I also bought a cheap little interval remote with programmable bulb of eBay which (not surprisingly) bit the dust after 10 minutes of use, so I'm now back to using the basic cable release socket on the camera.

Anyway, it's a real pleasure to be using the camera. The meter seems to follow pretty much what my Sekonic suggests, and grad placement it seems, I tend to follow based on my guestimates with the Mamiya. It's interesting to see that where I place the grad seems to work (most of the time).

I'm on Eriskay tonight. Pertched on a windy headland with nice views to the sand and sea. I'll see how I get on tonight with the Contax. Loving the change of camera. Sometimes I think a bit of a shake up is in order.