The Photographer's Ephemeris for iPhone

Stephen Trainor, the developer of the fantastic 'TPE' or 'Photographer's Ephemeris - a great piece of software that shows you the angle of the sun / sunrise and sunset times, has released an iPhone version. Up until now, you had to download Adobe Air along with his application and run it on a laptop. The laptop version is completely free. It's also extremely useful for planning trips away. But wouldn't an iPhone version be much better? Especially if it has GPS positioning built into it?

So here are some screen shots of his iPhone version that he sent me.

I love the idea of supporting good ideas and Stephens application is a really useful one. I'm always studying where the light is coming from in the mornings and evenings and it's always useful to know about the sunrise and sunset times.

Stephen is selling his iPhone app on the Apple App store.

If you live in the USA - you can buy it here.

If you live in the UK - you can buy it here.