When you lose it.

Tonight I've hit a bit of a blank wall. I'm on Eriskay and instead of hopping about with my camera making lots of images, I'm sitting in my car posting this post.

I can't seem to get inspired tonight, which I find ludicrous as I'm on a scenic island and the weather's not bad.

Perhaps we should have a discussion about what each of us does to get that inspiration back? For me, I know when to quit. Sometimes it just isn't going to happen and after trying for a while, I get the message and retreat back to my tent to read a good book and perhaps listen to my iPod for a while.

Photography can be intensive. It can be all pervading and sometimes, I just need a break. Knowing when to stop, when to go and do something else which (I dare to admit) seems much more fun, is perhaps what I need to do, so that I can get excited another time.

It's hard when you want to be creative, when you want to create something.... but nothing comes forward. The best thing we can do is recognise it and take a break. Don't beat yourself up too much about it. Everyone, artists, musicians, inventors all have down days and sometimes, that sleeping bag, book and iPod are more attractive than the creative calling :-)

I hope business will be resumed again tomorrow evening. I aim to head to South Uist tomorrow.