Outer Hebrides

Last year I spent a week on the isle of Harris. I didn't quite make it to Barra, Eriskay, Berneray or the Uists. So this May, I will be heading out there for a few weeks to photograph the islands I missed out on last year.

I've travelled a lot. I've been to many countries and many exotic landscapes around the world. It's been an incredible journey. If anything, what I've learned is a deeper appreciation for my own country. Scotland is incredible.

I feel that my own photographic projects for the next year at least, are going to be Scotland centric. I know that this trip to the Hebrides is only one of many to come over the next few years. There's simply so much to my own country and I can't wait to get out there.

If you want to join me, I'm conducting a photographic workshop on Harris at the end of May. More details here.