Examples - work in progress

Many thanks to all of you who bought my new eBook - Simplifying Composition. It has been a great project for me to work on. I thought I'd let you know about the next title that I will be releasing. Titled 'Examples - the making of 40 photographs', I expect it to be out at the end of April.

This is of course, work permitting, as I have a workshop running on the isle of Eigg at the end of April, and one to one client time booked for this month.

But until it's finished, here are some tasters for the new book. It's got 40 high resolution images in it, so it displays beautifully on the largest of computer monitors.

The book contains images from my entire portfolio: Bolivia, Cambodia, Cuba, Easter Island, Iceland, Portugal, Patagonia, Scotland.... and is a combination of portraiture and landscape work.

Until then, if you don't already know about my latest eBook, it's called Simplifying Composition and you can find out more information about it here.