All change for Film

Well, it's been an inevitable eventuality for me. To go back to film. Not that I'm abandoning digital in the slightest. But today I was happy to receive a Nikon Coolscan 9000 scanner (it's been a long road trying to source one). You see I was missing my Mamiya 7 so much, that I opted for shooting with it and nothing else while I was in Morocco in February. So I have a batch of Moroccan portraits to process and scan now. Yes, I never got them processed at the time, because I would have been frustrated at not being able to scan them in and publish them.

It will be an interesting few weeks ahead for me. Going back to looking and admiring the smooth tones and grain of a 6x7 negative. And how I will feel about finally being able to look at the Morocco images I shot.

I loved shooting in the dark. I had no idea, no immediate feedback whether I'd got my shot and that was just fine. I was free to focus on shooting and immersing myself in my surroundings. It's a luxury to know you can't see what you got - it's one thing out of the way. No distractions. Just you and the camera and what is going on around you.

I'll be posting a Morocco portfolio at some point over the next month or so. I had a 'gut' feeling at the time that I'd managed to get a few very nice portraits. And the fun will be finding out what is hidden in the rolls of Portra that have been stuck in my fridge for the past few months.