Success at Laguna de los Tres

Now that I'm back home, and have had some time to go through my images, I couldn't help resist posting these two shots of Fitzroy. The mountain is part of an impressive mountain range in the northern region of Los Glaciares national park in Argentinian Patagonia. _mg_5229.jpg

It's a bugger of a place is Laguna de los tres. This view point is at the top of a very steep hill which takes around 1 hour to climb. There had been a lot of snow fall during the week and the weather had been so bad that I'd given up. After 4 days of sitting around a hostel with nothing to do or see, I had returned to Calafate. But after a few days I decided that I needed to give it one last attempt (my third visit to the region). So It was with great surprise that on the morning I woke up at 6am, I started to climb up to Laguna de los Tres with my head torch and lots of warm clothing on. The path was very icy in places and I couldn't help wonder to myself why on earth I was doing it....


But I think the results speak for themselves. I feel grateful that it had been snowing. The entire landscape was covered, and it was such a beautiful moment to watch over an hour as the light began to hit the tip of Fitzroy and work it's way down the mountain. The snow was so deep that I couldn't really move around too much, so I just picked the best vantage point I could and tried portrait as well as landscape shots of the same scene. Notice the change in the mountains between both shots.

This has been a trial that I can now thankfully say is over. I've hoped to get these sunrise shots for over three years now and I think I can finally lay it to rest. Happily.