Panoramic at Sarmiento

Sometimes, it just doesn't fit into the frame of your camera. You have to look outside the limits of the view finder and visualise it in a different aspect ratio. Here's a shot from my workshop trip to Patagonia. Taken first thing in the morning in very blue light. I decided to crop it at the top and the bottom and make it a panoramic. Admittedly, it's a homage to Paul Wakefield's shot of the very same rock and scenery.


I love coming home and editing my photographs. Just stopping at the shooting would be only half the story for me. What love doing is collecting the best shots together and piecing together a body of work that works as a nice collection. I'm almost done now, and can't wait to show them and discuss them at some talks I have coming up soon. I guess that's just the way it is - being excited about your most recent work.

Anyway, here is another shot of Lago Sarmiento. I love this one because I don't normally put the object of focus above my point of view, but in this shot, it just seems to work nicely. Both shots were made on a Canon 5D, and I've cropped to suit my preferred aspect ratio of 6x7.