New e-Book Printing Masterclass

For those of you who do not follow my monthly newsletter, a few days ago I published a new e-book about printing.

If you’ve been following my blog for some time, you will know that I don’t believe that images are truly finished until they have been printed well. In other words, printing is the final verification stage that you can do. A well calibrated and profiled monitor can only take you so far. As the American photographer Charlie Cramer says ‘ If it looks good on a monitor, there’s no guarantee it will look good in print, but if it looks good in print, it will look good on a monitor’. So we should all be printing.

Printing Masterclass, from colour management to final print with Photoshop



The book covers everything you need to know about printing, from colour management including monitor calibration and profiling to how to optimise your images best for print.

There are many chapters in this e-book which can be used a reference for each time you print. If you forget how to use the print driver, or how to install new paper profiles - it’s all in here. Written in a simple step-by-step guide.

The book also provides step-by-step guides in monitor calibration and profiling with recommended settings.

Lastly, the book also covers best practices when optimising images for print, all laid out in such a way as to be able to refer to each time you go to print.

The book is split into three sections.


in this section I give you the colour management knowledge you need to know for printing

  • Colour management profiles

  • Colour spaces and colour compression


In this section we do the practical work of monitor set up and installation of paper profiles

  • Monitor calibration & profiling

  • Printer profile installation & proofing


In this section I walk through all the steps needed to optimise an image for print, and the steps to print.

  • Printing workflow best practices

  • Working with master files / RAW conversion

  • Preparing for print

  • Printing in Photoshop

  • Print evaluation

  • Photoshop actions

  • Equipment recommendations


Adobe Acrobat PDF document, 111 Pages.
Comes with a set of Photoshop Actions

* Compatible with all versions of Photoshop (excluding Elements)

E-book format: Adobe Acrobat
Download format: Zip file containing 1 x Adobe Acrobat Files, 1 x Photoshop Actions file

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