Skye Photography workshop review

Last March I spent an enjoyable week with a small group on the isle of Skye doing a photography workshop, and Duncan Fawkes, one of the participants has written a review of the week.

I'm pleased that Duncan has given himself a bit of distance between the actual workshop and the writing of his review. As he points out, he has found that it's taken him a while for things to simmer, bubble away in his subconscious.....

His review, I feel - is a good guide to what you should be looking for in a workshop.... for instance, I would agree that you shouldn't go to a workshop looking to come home with killer images (although it's a nice bonus if you do).

I'm pleased to say that most of the things that Duncan says he got out of the workshop, are really what I strive for, and he covers most of them in his review. Thanks Duncan for letting me know about this. I'm also glad you didn't mention too much about the rubber chicken and the gloves ;-P