Bolivia, Colour & Form

I think square aspect ratio really works for these images. I love putting collections of images together. In this case, I sometimes feel I'm looking at a colour chart from my local DIY (hardware) store. But Bolivia is like that. The colours and tones that are present on the landscape throughout the early mornings and evenings is something I've not witnessed anywhere else on my travels. I believe it must be due to the high altitude - 3,600 metres to 4,500 at its highest elevation.

I've really enjoyed this week at home. The blinds in my studio have been shut, the ambient music is up loud, and the only light I have around me is the stuff pouring out of my light table and daylight viewing booths. It's a very closed-in, intimate setting in which to lose myself, and get fully absorbed in the editing process.

There have been moments when I thought I was right back there in Bolivia. There have been some revelations too; I feel my photography took on a new direction about 4 years ago when I first visited Bolivia. The empty spaces there called for a more simplified approach to compositions, and I think this was a catalyst for the simplified compositions I've been working on these past few years. Returning back there this June to run the photo-tours, I wasn't sure if I would do anything new, with the same locations. But I think, if anything, I've learned a lot about the direction I'm heading in. I do see a change; I seem to respond more to colour and tone now and in some ways, the compositional elements are less important. I feel using the square aspect ratio helps get the feeling of 'the graphic' over as well. It's been a nice little journey of self-discovery this week, and I find working on the images very therapeutic too.