Sonja Grubenmann Exhibition

My good friend Sonja Grubenmann, will be holding her very first photographic exibition in Schlieren, Switzerland this February. There is a launch party on the first night. Sonja started making images seriously a few years ago, mainly with digital SLR's and I've seen her move from digital to film very quickly and stick with it. Doing the migration to film is not an easy path, and many fail because of the level of commitment involved. I'm really pleased to hear Sonja write to me recently and state 'despite of the failure rate and the cost involved for film, developing and scanning - I can't think of going back right now.' Regardless of the medium chosen, Sonja is continuing with a medium she finds gives her the most pleasing results, despite the added efforts and failures incurred. That to me, is someone who is following their own eye and path of development.

This is the second time I've had the pleasure to mention an exhibition by a friend who started off as a workshop participant. I get to meet lots of people through my workshops, and I've met so many special people because of what I do - which is definitely one of the perks of the job :-)

Anyway, if you live in Switzerland, and not too far away - might be nice to pop in and say hello.