Hasselblad Lens Question

Recently, I've started to use Hasselblad cameras quite a bit. It all stemmed from a feeling that I wanted to shake up my process a bit. I normally use a Mamiya 7II camera and as much as I love it very much and it works so well for me, I felt I'd like to work in square aspect ratio and see how that would affect my judgement and compositions. It's been a very quick adaption for me, and I've found I'm really enjoying the square format quite a lot. I'm also enjoying seeing through the lens too, something I did not do with the Mamiya camera (and that's a beautiful process in a way as well - having to conjure in my mind how the final image will be, by using an approximate viewfinder - is a great tool for strengthening your sense of vision and compositional muscle). Anyway, i'm writing this post today, because I've noticed that the resolution I'm seeing coming out the 50mm CF f4 lens I have, although is nice, it is nowhere as detailed compared to the Mamiya 7 50mm lens. I know the Mamiya lenses are in a league of their own, so in many ways, it's no surprise that I feel the Hasselblad 50mm lens is less of a stelar performer when compared with the Mamiya's wide angle competitor.

What I would like to ask though is, if you are a Hasselblad shooter of the 5xx series, can you tell me if the FLE version is much more detailed than the standard CF in terms of resolution? I've been shooting mine around f11, and it's not as sharp as the Mamiya's 50mm at f22! I'd like to consider moving to the FLE version, but only if it's waranted. I see no MTF information on the web, so would be interested to hear your point of view.

Of course, the real proof is for me to go out and get one and try it for myself. That's ultimately the only way I'll know for sure. But I'd be interested in hearing from you anyway.