Camped up near a lake last night and shot this on my little Lumix GF1 (14-45 lens), which I love to use for sketches, and it's also great for being able to post some insights straight away from a trip :-) I also made some Velvia shots on my trusty Mamiya 7II too. The Matterhorn is perhaps the most iconic of mountains for me, It just has a shape that I think all mountains should aspire to ;-)

Here's a wee photo of my favourite camera in the world (Mamiya 7II, along with a Sekonic 758 spot meter and a set of Lee grads in a leather case:

When we camped up there, we had a full moon, so I decided to try to make some shots with the Lumix, but the 'live-view' feature is hopeless in semi-darkness, and I found it hard to set the manual focus on the camera, as you can see below:

Looking the other way, we watched as the Moon raised its head above a mountain ridge and glacier:

I will be posting more about my Switzerland trip next week.

Until then, did I tell you that I've just released a book (hard sell!)... see below :-)