Advanced copies of my book arrived

Yesterday I received four advanced copies of my book. I just thought I'd write a short post today to tell you all that the book printing quality has far exceeded my expectations.

I've heard so many scary stories of people having trouble with printers and the book quality not matching what they were looking for. I'm now of the opinion this is perhaps due to one of two reasons:

1) The photographer did not have a colour managed system

2) The printer is old-school and is not colour managed either

My printer is well regarded for making high end art books and their process conforms to the FOGRA ISO standard. The proofs I received were very accurate - matching what I saw on my calibrated system at home, and the final books match the proofs, but exceed in terms of final paper and contrast quality.

The book is going to be photographed this week, so I will post some images as soon as I have some to show you.