Almost done in Ethiopia.....

This is just a very short posting while I sit around Addis Ababa airport, while on my way home from Lalibela in Ethiopia. The trip has been incredible though and I have to say that standing in a rock hewn church at 5am with my guide (who is also a deakon of the church) was an inspiring moment. Not a single other tourist to be seen, just me, and a bunch of priests and of course, the Lalibla cross.  It was too dark to photograph, but I did make a lot of audio recordings of the chants for the ceremonies. This was just the first day of the trip.

I think Ethiopian people are very nice indeed and I made a lot of friends whilst here.

I've shot around 30 rolls of Kodak Portra with my Contax 645, and I have to say, that the hit rate "feels" a lot higher than my previous trips, all because I had a guide who got me access to areas that normal toursts don't get to see.

Highlight of the trip was getting my shoes (bought in Chile for $15 USD) stolen from outside a church.

I am now the proud owner of a pair of green and yellow trainers (very African) to show off when I get home.