Inspiration for today

I get my inspiration from many areas of my life and from other arts, not just photography. In fact, I was asked last week on my Eigg workshop if I look at other photographers work much and the blunt answer is no. I don't really get much inspiration from other photographers these days. I don't know if this is because I'm just too focussed on my own style of photography or not, all I know is that I seem to get inspiration from other avenues. Ok, I think that's not true, I do believe it's because I'm pretty much focussed on doing my own thing with my own photography, but that is perhaps something worth covering on a different post up the road somewhere. Anyway, back to being inspired..... Take this video of Keith Jarrett for instance. His playing is possessed. His left hand has a mind of its own, completely disconnected from his right hand. I won't pretend to think that all of you out there are Jazz listeners, but even just from a technical view point, this is in another league and for me, good art, whether it's music, photography, painting, has to be surprising, engaging or just plainly in another world from our every day existence: