Back on Harris

Well, I'm back on the Isle of Harris and it is, in my opinion, the best of the outer Hebrides. What a stunning place !  :-)

I'm camped at Horgabost camp site tonight and last night I spent the evening at Scarista making some nice images with my Contax 645 outfit. I've decided to leave the Mamiya 7 in the boot of the car because having two camera systems just leads to confusion and I'd really like to master using the Contax as a landscape outfit.... I've been feeling lately that I tend to rely on the Mamiya far too much and as such, I feel a rut has been forming.

So tonight I thought I would forget about the beaches of Harris. Stunning as they are, it's really about time I tried to do something with the lunar aspects of the other side of Harris. Rocky, wild, confusing, this part of the landscape is very different from the silky smooth beaches.