Tent smash

Well last night I camped with a nice view over to the Harris hills on north Uist. I have two tents with me, a small 2 man tent which can handle just about anything and a much larger tent which allows me to have a bit more space. So we had a calm day yesterday so I took a chance and set up the bigger tent. Last night at 2am, I was running for cover to my car as my tent poles were pulverised by the wind. The tent was coming down on top of me and everything inside had to be recovered.

It's crap sleeping in a car and my tent this morning is in pretty bad shape. Full of water and all the poles are so smashed, they're a right off.

I'm off to Harris today. I was hoping to go to St. Kilda this week, but it seems that the ferry operator is doing very fine business as his trips at £180 for the day are completely full for the next week. I should have planned better.

I've been talking to my oldest friend Callum, who I met in 1st year at High School. He's from the Uists and has just sent me this photo, which shows St.Kilda in the distance. This is quite something because the group of islands is actually around 40 miles away. Such was the clarity of the day and perhaps the use of a telephoto to compress the scene, it looks a lot closer!

I feel I've gotten over my creative-slump. It's taken a while to 'get-the scenery'. Sometimes I feel I go places and think 'I'm not in the mood to shoot beaches', which is what the Hebrides is really all about.

I've almost got a solution for my Eizo display as well. It seems that I'm getting a lot of reports that 'BasicColour' is the best approach for calibrating wide gamut displays. I'm also of the opinion that I'll need a second display that works with sRGB, because Wide Gamut is not ideal for editing stuff for the web.

I've also been working on a 'Compendium for photographer's', which is coming along nicely. It's great to have something to do middle of the day when the light is really bleached out. Any of you who know my work, know that I'm a low light shooter predominantly.

Off to get the ferry with a rather murky car full of banana skins, smelly socks, broken tent poles, camping gear, books and one rough looking 42 year old photographer.