I'm on the isle of Barra at the moment, and so far, the photography has been down to a roll or two and that's about it. The first night I got here the cloud was so low that I had zero visibility. It felt like the end of the world. Now for the past two nights, I've had nothing but clear blue skies - yes - the dreaded blue sky of death. It's so hard to photograph when the light is so 'full on' and when there's little interest in the sky.

Still, it's been a nice 'holiday' so far. Been sleeping a lot in my tent during the middle of the day, reading lots of Ansel Adams books and busy writing a new eBook about Visualisation, which my Apple Pages spell checker insists is called Visualization. Whatever.... it seems there is only one kind of English now - US-English (how can English be US-English)  ;-)

Off to the Uists tomorrow.

Wish you were here.