Last night I spent the evening with my uncle, who is a painter.

At one point we discussed 'art' and I said that It had been a really surprising journey for me - these past 10 years. When I look back at the beginning, I had no idea just what sort of photographic adventures lay before me, or that I'd be a professional in 2010, running workshops and making my living from my photography. It's been a great trip so far.... exciting, surprising and often exceeding what I thought would be possible.

My uncle said that as artists, we need to have 'instinct'. That really resonated with me.

I believe he meant that instinct is the force that shows us where we need to progress as artists. Knowing the way, being focussed, open minded, provides us with a road map to our creativity.

I feel I knew what he meant very well. As I say, I feel my own work, this web site, my projects, dreams, plans have gone from strength to strength over the years.

It's only really when I look back, that I see I'm on a path. I hope you feel you're on a journey of discovery too.

Right, I'm off to Barra in the outer Hebrides today. My dad is much better, so Hebrides, here I come.