Iceland & Bolivia Monographs

I was going to release a new eBook this month titled 'Examples - the making of 40 photographs', but things have changed in the last week. I'm shelving this project as an eBook for the time being as I feel it is going to be the basis for a physical, cloth bound book. It's very early days at the moment so don't hold your breath for a physical book anytime soon. But suffice to say that a project is underway.

Instead, I'll be offering a different eBook at the end of April about low-light photography where I cover all the technical requirements for shooting in low light with digital and film. More information about this later on.

In the meantime, I'm pleased to let you know that i've got two monographs now available:

Iceland - a photographer's monograph

Monographs by definition are about single subjects. In this case, I've put together a collection of my Iceland images with some short essays about my time and experiences whilst there in 2004.

I feel Iceland has been one of my most successful photographic endeavours, so it's great to be able to offer this eBook which contains high resolution images to be enjoyed on a 24" and even a 30" screen if you are lucky to own one.

Bolivia - a photographer's monograph

Likewise, I'm pleased to announce a monograph about Bolivia at the same time.

For me, Iceland and Bolivia conveyed the more alien aspects of the Earth's natural landscape. Bolivia went one step further because not only did it look alien, it felt alien too. With high altitude symptoms - headaches and breathlessness, I felt sometimes that I could have been on another world.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these eBooks. I'll let you know when the 'low-light-photography' book is available.

Until that is available, you can buy the monographs here.