For as long as I can remember, I've always dabbled in something of a creative form. My first endevours being with charcoal, pencils and paints. I kind of fancied myself as an 'artist' at the age of 8. Then it was music in my teens, and eventually it was all cast aside for photography.

I bring this up because I had a really interesting discussion with someone I met in a cafe today. Mike said that he felt a lot of people have creativity drummed out of them as they grow up. As a young adult or late teen, we start to realise that it might be hard to make a living from something we're creative in. I've certainly had people on my workshops who tell me 'not everyone is born an artist' or have claimed to have lead such an academic or scientific life, that they find it hard to tap into their creative side.

My friend in the cafe and myself agreed, that creativity is not dead or non-existent with most people - it's just dormant. At any stage in our lives, if we're fortunate, we find our creativity awakened. I think that's why people 'discover' photography at different ages and more specifically, why they enjoy it so much.

Photography gives us an excuse to exercise our creative side. It allows us to escape and for those that haven't done this since they were young, it can come as a very liberating, joyous experience.

Isn't photography wonderful?