I'm in in the Orkney's at the moment. A cluster of little islands just at the tip of the north east of Scotland. I came here about 2 months ago, but the wind was so extreme here that it was hard to stand up in. So I'm back.

The downside about coming back at this time of year is not the dreaded midge (mosquito), but the dreaded tourist ;-)

I was able a few months ago to get some nice photographs of the Ring of Brodgar (pictured) and a suitable long exposure to mark the movement of the clouds over the landscape.

Last night was entertaining though. I went back to the stone circle to photograph it and met two scientists who were on holiday. They had dowsing rods with them and were busy walking up and down the area noting where there were dowsing lines. If you've not heard about this phenomenon, then check out google for it. I'm a bit skeptical about most things, but I tried it - and it worked!

I'm off to Hoy today to go and photograph the old man of Hoy and also the fantastic beach at Rackwick. Weather is very murky, but hey - that's the beauty of Scottish weather - it's always changing and often moody.