New Portfolio - India

It takes time to work on such a large collection of images. India was so photogenic and I went a little crazy photographing many people. It was hard not to. So here is my new portfolio, split into several sections.

And then I wasn’t well. Fatigue from the constant hustling, fighting always against the will of the driver who was receiving back handers from carpet shops we didn’t want to go and see, and hotels we hadn’t arranged to stay at. Everyone wanting my attention, and always for the same outcome - to relieve me of money. Illness set in shortly after our driver had left us. It didn’t take much to wander of the ‘safe’ road of good food stops.

But as much as India is a crazy place, I feel I’ve given it a bit of a bad wrap here. It’s incredibly beautiful in ways you can only experience first hand. Just be on your guard. It’s an overwhelming place to visit and you may seek to find some space for a break (there is no sense of space in India).

I was a little worn down by the end of the trip, and I couldn’t face dealing with the mountainous task of working on so many images, so I decided to put them away and let them just sit there.

The portfolio is a ‘representation’ of what I shot. I have too many images to be digested in one sitting on a web site, so I’ve cut them down - I had to.

Anyway, that’s my ‘people’ shots over for a while. I’m back on to Landscapes from this point on, with my workshop to the Scottish island of Eigg coming up in just over a month.

Hope you enjoy the India collection. I’m just glad I’ve finished it.