Los Glaciares Portfolio

I've just uploaded a new portfolio of Los Glaciares national park, Argentinian Patagonia. Sometimes, no matter how prepared you are, you come home empty handed. I've been to Los Glaciares three times now, each time hoping to get good shots of the mountains Cerro Torre and Fitzroy, only to return home empty handed.

I've had many e-mails from other photographers saying that all they saw when they got there was low cloud and the edge of a lagoon. This, is no surprise to me as I'm fully aware of how the odds are stacked against you if you want to get great photos in this region of the world. But that's part of its charm too.


I'm much happier about these shots compared to my first few attempts. I think its really helped to have a good selection of lenses this time - from extreme wide angle to 400mm. But its also helped greatly, being familiar with the terrain and how unpredictable the weather is. I came home exhausted. Trekking isn't easy with a pile of camera gear, bad weather and a short timescale. But I also came home satisfied that I'd got my shot of Cerro Torre.