The Perfect Photo

Whilst browsing for some articles on Steve McCurry, I came across a lovely documentary by a broadcaster/writer called Jake Warga. His article is called 'The Perfect Photo', and in it, he beautifully captures what I feel is the essence of travel photography. 

At one point, he says that the perfect photo is something you cannot chase, but instead, is something that finds you.

He uses the churches of Lalibela in Ethiopia as the basis of his story, and in particular, an article he found in National Geographic which spurred him on to try to take the same photo. I'm sure that the main point isn't about trying to take the exact same photo, but is merely a clever device for building a good story.

Anyway, its made me realise that I'd dealy love to do some podcasts and record my exchanges with people when I'm photographing in future.

Photography is not just about taking pictures, it's about the exchanges that happen between you and what you are shooting, be it a landscape, people, anything. Through the process of photography, our awareness of the world is heightened.

I hope you enjoy viewing Jakes documentary. I thought some of the images in it were beautiful and he managed to pique my interest in Ethiopia too.