Glacier Lagoon O'nelli

Most folk want to shoot in sunny weather. I love shooting in overcast light because there are no deep shadows. The light is much kinder to the camera's eye, which essentially isn't as dynamic as our own. onelli.jpg

You have to treat the camera's eye with care and attention. Always looking for a moment when the sun has gone behind a cloud, or using early morning light to it's full advantage.

Of course, the problem with overcast skies, especially during midday is that there is often a lack of colour. That's why sunrise (personally, the best time of day - better than sunset), is so important. You get those soft tones, with no deep shadows, and if you're lucky, you also get very warm colours.

But beggars can't be choosers and if you find a strong composition during the day, and you're only there once - you have to shoot it.

In the case of this image, I spend a whole day in the freezing cold out near the face of many of the glaciers in Los Glaciares national park. This scene is from Lagoon O'nelli. It's basically the mouth of a lagoon where several glaciers deposit lots of bergs. The beach was littered with bergs and it just took a while to find a really nice composition.

And of course, to wait until the sun had done behind a cloud.

I'm off back up to el Chalten to sit around in the freezing cold in my tent for 4 days. I will be making prayer offerings to the gods in the hope that they show me just one morning's sunrise view of the mountains.

Wish me luck.