Iceland Video Snippets

Tonight I've just downloaded some short videos I made on my phone whilst in Iceland last summer and this winter.  I thought I would share them with you, because they give a real insight to some of the places I get to see on my travels. Yes, I think photography should be able to convey that, but video has a certain 'being there' presence that allows us to see what others saw.

Dynjandi Waterfall, West Fjords, Iceland from Bruce Percy on Vimeo.

The first video, is of Dynjandi waterfall, which is situated in the west fjords of the country. It's quite a trek to get there, and I must tell you that when I did finally arrive - on a Wednesday afternoon, my bus driver politely told me he'd be back on Saturday to pick me up - as there is only 2 busses a week here. So began my first venture into hitching a lift anywhere - with soul destroying results. After 2 days camped at the falls, I decided that I needed to get to Eastfjorder. Anyway, I've decided to show you a photo that I made of the falls during the late evening, on one of my many walks up to the base of it. I use the photo to give contrast / context to the actual video. In the video you can see my Mamiya 7 on my Gitzo tripod. The light wasn't particularly great, so I was just happy to make some little video diaries of the falls.

And here are some images I shot whilst there:

And lastly, here's a little video showing the wintry conditions we experienced in January, whilst shooting the south coast of Iceland. I only wish I'd been able to capture the bleakness of the conditions I saw on our way from Reykjavik towards the south coast. It was quite fascinating watching the snow burl across the road the way it did - it was quite mesmerising!

Winter conditions, south Iceland, January from Bruce Percy on Vimeo.