Photographic Club Talk - Inverclyde 18th October

I will be at Inverclyde photographic club on the 18th of October, to give a talk about my photography. I'm sure if you want to come along, they will be very happy to see you. Last week I had a really excellent night at Perthshire's photographic club. Not only did I feel I got a well researched introduction, but the closing speech was also well informed, and the speaker even had a copy of my first book, which he had read thoroughly. It's so nice when I feel the club in question has put a lot of effort into finding out about me before I come to give a talk. It was a very pleasant evening.


Perth Photographic Society Talk

I will be presenting a talk and presentation on my photographs at Perth (Scotland) photographic society on the 9th of October.

Photographic Talk, Dundee 22nd April

If you would like to attend, you can simply turn up before 7:30pm. The society would appreciate a small donation - £2, and if you can let yourself be known to the treasurer Stuart Dodd on the night, that would be great.

I'm coming out to San Fran / San Jose this December

I'm in the middle of planning a trip to come visit a school friend of mine this December who lives in San Jose. I thought that since I'll be out that way - if you have a photographic club, and would be interested in me coming to do a talk about my photography (I'd just need a nice digital projector and screen - and some decent audio speakers to hook up to a laptop), then please do get in touch. I've decided that on my future travels, I'll advertise that I'll be in town, and see if I can slot in a talk for a local club if I can.

I love doing talks for clubs when I can. It's very enjoyable for me to discuss my photography and relive some of the experiences I've had whilst making my images.

It's great to meet some folks, and I thought it would be a great way to get an introduction to some of 'the locals' while I'm out visiting!

Scottish Nature Photography Faire

Just a wee reminder that I'll be doing two talks this weekend (Saturday and Sunday - 11am - 12) at the Scottish Nature Photography Fair in Battleby near Perth, Scotland. More information and prices for tickets for the fair can be found at

Scottish Natural Heritage Photography Fair

I'm pleased to confirm that I will be giving a talk (40 minutes) at the Scottish Natural Heritage photography fair this September (both days - Saturday the 3rd and Sunday the 4th). The fair is held in Battleby near Perth, Scotland. If you'd like to come and see me talk about my travels and photography, you can book tickets on the SNH site. I am attending both days.