Really Right Stuff, in Europe?

If, like me, you like Really Right Stuff camera plates, ball heads, and tripods, and live in Europe, then I have some good news for you. 13

Although Really Right Stuff do not have any official distributors here in Europe, there are two camera shops that buy RRS components in bulk. I know this, because I asked RRS about this. Here is what Carla at RRS said:

"There are a couple of web shops in Europe who purchase from us in bulk (we give them a very small discount to do so), and then sell our goods on their own sites. It’s not a formal distributorship relationship – we don’t offer them any payment terms (they pay in advance, just like regular customers). But we will honor the warranty if you’re able to provide proof that you purchased from them. The two that I work with regularly are:

Augenblicke-Eingefangen (Germany)

CameraNU (Netherlands)

So if you love RRS products, wish to avoid being hit for import duty, and live in Europe, these two shops may have what you're looking for.