Acid Free Tape

You can probably tell by now, that printing is on my mind of late. I've been matting a lot of my work for overseas clients - I guess Christmas must be calling. I thought it would be good to discuss the use of linen hinged tape - in particular - why you should use acid free tape.

Ineco linen hinged tape

As my framer says. Putting normal tape over your prints to hang them behind mats will eat through the photograph in a matter of months. I haven't seen that for myself, but the best thing to do when matting your own work is to use acid-free materials where possible.

What I particularly like about linen tape though, is that it's all water based. If you're not happy with the placement - just add some water to remove the tape and reposition.

If you're interested in getting some, one of the best places here in the UK for presentation material is Silverprint.