Black & White Printing with Piezography inks?

I'm in the process of thinking of setting up a second printer to specialise in black and white printing. I've known about the Piezography black ink set for a while. This is a custom system whereby each cartridge slot in your colour printer is replaced with a separate black tone ink. The printer becomes a dedicated monochromatic printer.


In my mind, I am reasoning that having a dedicated printer set up with different tones of black inks will produce a much better black and white inkjet print, than if I were to use the standard Epson colour inks.

I would really love to hear from you if you have experience of this system, or if you know of any other specialist black and white inkjet system. Specifically, any issues you had, how you feel about the final results compared to doing black and white prints using the normal Epson inks.

Your thoughts are appreciated, and if you feel going 'public' on my blog is too much for you - as was the case a few years ago when I asked for input about colour printing - you can e-mail me directly instead.