Hardbound & Electronic Bound

I'm a big proponent of the hardback book. So much so, that I've released two hard back's in the past three years: 'The art of adventure, 40 Photographic Examples', and also 'Iceland, a journal of nocturnes'. Both were printed to a very high standard, and are roughly about Album size. But I've been thinking for a while now, that we live in a multi-format society. We tend to like to access what we own, when we want to. We like the convenience of having our books and music available to us wherever we are.

So what I've decided to do, is offer both my hardback books with a bundled PDF version. I figure that most folks who want to buy the book, would also like to be able to carry around with them an electronic version of it on their iPad or similar device. I still believe that the books should be bought as hardbacks, so I'm afraid that the PDF versions will not be available for sale separately. If this is bad news for you - then maybe you can look at it as buying an e-book and getting a hard-back version of it as a bonus ;-)

So I'm very pleased to announce that both my books now come with a PDF version along side it as part of the purchase. I'm also additionally pleased to let you know that if you already purchased a copy of one of these books from my site already, we have just sent an email to you with a link to download the PDF version for free.

You can purchase the books here.