Cappadocia, Turkey - Wish you were here!

I'm in Cappadocia, Turkey right now.

It's an amazing landscape, and one which I feel I will most definitely have to return to. I've been shooting a lot of Hasselblad square aspect ratio images all week with my friends Sonja and Ali. Ali is from Istanbul, and I was fortunate to meet him through one of my workshops last year. We got to talking and he suggested I come out to make some photos during the winter here.

The landscape is otherworldly. I hope to have some images to show you all once I'm home, and have them processed.

In the meantime, here is a photo of me with my dad (he's the handsome chap on the left). I've often taken my father with me on some of my private photographic adventures. He came with me to India and Nepal five years ago, where I made lots of portraits. He's enjoyed himself immensely, as it's been a really nice social outing, with two photographic friends.

I would like to thank Sonja and Ali for organising the trip to Cappadocia.

We've done a bit of sightseeing as well as the usual '6am early morning starts', the ones where you get to see some exceptional landscapes in some exceptional light.

Wish you were here.