Iceland Book Feedback

Dear all, I'm currently in Melbourne, on my way to New Zealand today. I just spent the weekend with one of my very first workshop participant friends - Andrew, and we made some photographs around Port Campbell - where the twelve apostles are. It was an interesting return visit for me, as I feel this is the place where my photographic-journey really took off in 2000. It was nice go to back and say hello to this fabulous piece of landscape.

Anyway, I just thought I'd ask you all, those of you who have bought the book so far (quite a lot of you as it seems, and sales have now exceeded the first book in the same timeframe), to be so kind to let me know what you think of the book.

I'm going to leave you all with some of the personal email feedback I've had so far. I'm really pleased so far to find out how the book is being received!

Thanks once again for all the encouragement and support, and for buying the book :-)

Regards, Bruce


It’s an object of beauty! That’s not something I say at all lightly, I can assure you. The finished product is superbly printed on excellent paper and each of the embossed cover, the paper cover and the slip-case are themselves very fine indeed. Plus, the fonts used are gorgeous. I’m a fan of fonts and those in ‘Nocturnes’ are just right for the subject matter.

As to contents: clearly, I like Bruce’s images very much and this collection has a strong theme which give the book a good structure; I also enjoy the short essays which relate to the making of those images. Often, monographs are simply collections of images. That’s an elegant approach, but in this case Bruce has also interspersed the photographs with a few essays stimulated by, or pertinent to the creation of, the images in the book. This, for me, makes it even more interesting and attractive as an artefact. ‘Nocturnes’ does not rely solely on images to communicate, it also gives some insight into the creative process and, more widely, into Bruce’s development over his several visits to Iceland. This seems to me to be a great addition to – again – the book as a piece of art in itself which extends it beyond simply ‘a collection of excellent photographs’ and makes it something richer and deeper. Mike Green

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It is a wonderful collection of work; standing apart from what has become a much photographed location. Beautifully produced, too. Well done. Steve Watkins, Editor, Outdoor Photography Magazine UK


I received the book yesterday. It is a stunning production! We really like it. Well done! My wife is saying that if I do a trip to Iceland she is coming too. The print is beautiful and is in to be mounted and framed. Leslie Tait


There aren't too many books I pre-order but this was one and it does not disappoint. I really like themed portfolios. There's something special that happens when it all comes together, the whole being greater than the sum of its parts or something like that. A really beautiful book. You can really see the thought and care that went into every page and how it all fits together. I wish you every success with it. Simon