Laguna Colorada, Bolivia

I don't feel like sorting out my images at all from my south america trips. It's kind of nice to just find something I want to work on and scan it.

I stumbled upon these lovely images of Laguna Colorada, taken on the Bolivian altiplano. We were all suffering from shortness of breath and it was extremely cold here. But I was so keen to get my group here because each night, the light does something very wonderful to the landscape - I've not really experienced light anywhere else quite like this. Everything goes very red as the sun sets.

The lagoon is famous for displaying a red colour throughout the day when there is wind to stir up the sediments lurking below. But when night falls, the wind tends to go, and the lagoon becomes calm. It is at this time that the rays of the sun seem to be absorbed by the surrounding landscape and the lagoon becomes red again. It's extremely beautiful to witness. There are no pollutants in the sky, the altitude is 4,500 metres (yes, that's not a typo - we're at an extremely high elevation here), and I'm sure this is why the light is so spectacular.

I think next week I may get a bit more strict with myself and sort the images into each 'country project'. As I feel this is the only way to create a unified body of work for each place I've visited. I so often dislike working on images in a piece-meal fashion. Today is an exception, and it's nice to just sift through and decide what I feel I'd like to work on, and perhaps more importantly - relive as I look at the transparencies on my light table, and find my imagination being cast back to a special place at a special time.