Iceland book progress

Yesterday I paid the final balance due for the printing of my second book. The book should be here by the end of October and I will be illustrating a sample copy of it - possibly around August time. I've prepared a little video of the proofs for the book. Please accept my apologies for my self-depreciating humour - I often like to tell everyone how brilliant I am (clearly a joke), but some folks tell me I'm hard to read and they don't often know when I'm joking or not, so thought I should let you know that I'm really not being serious at all : ). You can view the video here:

[vimeo 45629937 w=400]

Below is the specification that has been printed onto the top of the slip-case design they've sent me for evaluation. The color is not the final choice - it's just a sample, completely empty, nothing printed on it, so I can get a feel for the quality and weight of the final product.

Below is the slip-case design, and to the side you can see the book as it is slipped into the side of the case.