50 rolls of film consumed

I'm sitting in my hotel room at the Ritz in La Paz, Bolivia tonight. It is now officially the end of a three week photo adventure with six participants.

It's been a great time and I've thoroughly enjoyed my time with the group. Most importantly for me, I've just had the pleasure of re-aquainting myself with two very special landscapes - that of Torres del Paine national park in the far south of Chile and the Bolivian Altiplano - an undervalued landscape that is - to my mind - as impressive, if not more so, than many of Iceland's landscapes. The Bolivian Altiplano is a place to watch for increased popularity for landscape photographers, that I am sure of.

While we were there, we had a full moon, and managed to shoot it during dawn, dusk, sunrise and sunset. The above image was taken on a previous trip way back in 2007. I'm afraid you'll have to wait until later on this year to see my results as I'm heading off to Iceland in a week's time, so I don't have any free time right now to get the films processed and begin work on them.

I'd just like to express my deepest thanks to all the drivers and guides who assisted me and my group through these remarkable landscapes. I'd also like to thank my group for the enthusiasm and commitment they showed on both trips. We had such amazing weather - lots of snow and clear mornings in Patagonia while in Bolivia we had amazing pink hues + earth shadows every morning and evening during sunrise and sunset.

I'm now hatching a plan for two repeat trips for next June, and possibly a trip to Easter Island too. I'm also hoping to spend some more dedicated personal time on the Bolivian Altiplano during the course of July next year. It's an amazing place which I feel hasn't been fully explored by photographers as yet.

I have over 50 rolls of film - Velvia 50 and Portra 160 to process when I get home. But before that happens, I'm off to Iceland for a month of personal photography time to trek some locations I've sorely missed on previous visits.

Life is short. Still,  I guess I can't say I've not used my time unwisely.

I'll be back on the blog in a few days time once I'm home and over my jet lag.