Iceland book update

I've just created a dedicated Facebook page for my forthcoming book 'Iceland - A journal of Nocturnes'. You can view it here and there is more information on the intro by Ragnar Axelsson as well as the image selection in the book. Last week, the art work for my Iceland book was finalised.

There's been a bit of adjustment to the entire content from its inception which has been fascinating for me to observe. Any creative project seems to take on a life of its own and this book has taken shape in a way I wasn't expecting. What was going to be a simple monograph has turned into a journey through Iceland's landscape - as my friend Mike Green (who has helped review the content) says - it's like a photographic day, taken over several years.

Now that the art work and content of the book is now complete, I should feel as though the book is finished, but I know from experience that nothing is ever finished. The book is a stepping stone of sorts - maybe a document of my experiences to date venturing around the Icelandic landscape.... let me explain.

When working on new images, I don't often see that they will become part of something later on. I could easily have assumed that once I'd been to Iceland, there was little point in returning again. But I have done, on four occasions and created new work on most of those trips. Each time I've returned, I feel I've learned a little bit more about the Icelandic landscape, and also myself as a photographer. I also discover that my previous images of Iceland seem to take on a new meaning for me. It's like I'm able to look at them a little differently, all because I've had a new experience. The newer work seems to affect my impressions of what I think of my older work.

Everything is fluid and always in a state of 'transition'.

It is only as time passes, that we can review what we've done and see parallels, or themes that cross several bodies of work. As much as I feel that my Iceland book is simply a document of my experiences to date, I know that it has come together over almost a decade. By looking back I can see there was a clear path that led from my first Icelandic outing to where I am now. I wish it was so clear to see the path ahead.... and wonder what the final book will be the catalyst for?

I'm extremely excited about this as I hadn't envisioned creating a first book, let alone a second book. Things just seem to take their own course, and when you figure out how to do something first time round, it's much easier the second time.

I'll be announcing a release date, and also a very strictly limited edition of the book that will come with three prints (to make up a beautiful triptych) in a few months from now. The edition will be limited to 45 copies only and the prints will not be available as single prints with other editions of the book, so stay tuned to my monthly newsletter for the first word on this.

I should also mention that there is also going to be a book-launch & print exhibition to coincide with the release of book. More to follow on the dates and venue (in Edinburgh) for this soon.