Between Maple and Chesnut

Today I received some foil-stamping samples for the 2nd book. Again, I feel that things are progressing, and one 'idea' is slowing morphing into something more 'real'. Whether it's making images, and having visualisations of what it is you want to create, or whether it's visualising the choice of wall paper for your home, we all have to dream in order to see where it is we're going.

But with anything you're working on, you have to keep on the ball about the entire process. Creating a book is a long, long process and there has been so many emails between Darren - who's creating the press ready file, and myself. And the printer hasn't been involved so much as yet, but I've maybe emailed them so much now, I'm losing track!

But today I posted off sample Inkjet prints for each of the images in the book to the printer. Darren had advised this for the first book - his reasoning being that although everyone may be colour managed, you really need to send of hard copy prints - it's the only real way to make sure the printer sees what you're seeing.

Anyway, I'll be heading off to South America in a week or so's time. Plenty of time to get lost doing photos, conducting photo safaris, and meeting Easter Island statues. But little time for work on the book. So I'm hoping to have everything wrapped up on the book front next week.