Are you an English to Icelandic Translator?

Work on my 2nd book is progressing, and my special guest who is writing the preface for me has told me today that he should be finished writing his piece by next week. I'm looking forward to that. Putting the book together has been a very enjoyable creative process for me so far. I've really enjoyed choosing the images, the order in which they appear, and also the writing of the content for the book. I love how an idea can grow, and this has led me on to think about how I would like the text to appear in the book.

I feel the book would benefit very much from having the stories and content displayed in both English and Icelandic. So I'm looking for someone who can do a really good job translating English into Icelandic.

If you know of anyone, please do drop me a line at bruce @ bruce percy dot com.