Last week's Skye Workshop

Last week I was on the isle of Skye, at my usual fantastic haunt - the Glenview hotel. The group I had were excellent, despite the really rough weather we had.

I thought I'd share a photo of everyone, including Kirsty and Simon (and their children) who own the hotel. Simon is by far the best cook I've experienced on any trip, and it's always a delight for me to see participants get very enthusiastic about the food.

Anyway, I had a slight mishap at the hotel last week, which involved the near-use of the fire-extinguisher you see Simon holding in the photo. Needless to say, I'm the one holding the rubber chicken (don't ask - but Gerallt - my first Welsh participant deemed that I should hold his rubber chicken).

Here is a contact sheet of the groups efforts. We had some pretty terrible weather, but I'm always surprised that we end up getting something over the week. I've never had a trip happen where we couldn't produce some excellent work.

I've just published dates for the 2013 workshop on Skye. This year's trip proved to be very popular, despite several cancellations, the trip filled up very quickly, so I'm expecting a similar demand for next year's trip.